December 30, 2015

The sunsets on the grass plains of Zhaosu in Xinjiang, China are amazing. The grasslands are 5000 feet above sea level and the light here is very intense The surrounding snow covered mountains add to the light drama. You have just a few moments to capture the light before it changes.

A painting from the grasslands near Xiata in Xinjiang. It is fascinating to see first hand the life of the sheep herders here, living a simple life in sheepskin yurts on the plains, surrounded by this magnificent scenery. The colors on the grasslands at sunset are rich and varied. 

For a very brief moment a dramatic light falls across the grasslands and creeps up the side of the Tian Shan mountain range. You have to work quickly to capture these effects when painting plein air. Painted near the village of Xiata in Xinjiang, China.

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