January 24, 2014

Beijing Street Vendor

I went out painting one night to do a nocturne and forgot my brushes, and so I had some fun with a knife and my fingers doing this abstract painting. It was actually based on the real scene: a street vendor selling some food on a Beijing street at night. Although abstract I followed all the general principles of design: contrast of texture, contrast of thick and thin paint, dark/light/gray, contrast of saturation, notan structure with dominant value, point/line/mass, shape distinction, amongst others. The values of the shapes were also accurate in comparison with the actual scene, even though the shapes were highly abstracted.
Beijing Street Vendor 6" x 8", oil on linen

This is the actual scene that inspired the above painting.


  1. Interesting blog with very wonderful art works !!!

  2. Love your great informative blog, Barry! Wish you would post more often, if possible! :)

  3. Love the colors and composition!