January 09, 2013

South Africa Workshop - Cape Town and Knysna

Here are a some paintings from my trip to South Africa. They were both painted using water soluble oils from Winsor and Newton on linen mounted on small 10"x12" gatorboard panels. I used a pochade box from Betty Billups.

 From Kalk Bay, Cape Town, South Africa 9"x12", oil on linen

In the video above you can see that the light was changing fast, and to some extent I modified the painting as I went along because I liked the mood of the landscape later in the day when the sun was getting closer to the horizon. The colors became warmer and this warmth permeated all the colors in the landscape harmonizing them. You can see that I started off fairly abstract, searching for the color harmony and a feeling of light in the picture.

Knysna Lagoon, The Garden Route, South Africa 9"x9", oil on linen
This was a painted outdoors on a rainy day in Knysna, on the Garden Route in South Africa. The colors in the marsh were absolutely gorgeous, with hundreds of variations of greens, reds, and oranges. The lack of sun actually helped the color harmony since a blue sky would not have harmonized with the colors in the marsh. Overcast days can be wonderful for painting!

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