July 09, 2009

Sorolla Exhibition Workshop - Sep 3, 2009



I am giving a mini one-day workshop on Thursday 3rd September in Madrid, to coincide with the Sorolla exhibition in Madrid . The two goals are to give you a review of your work (if you would like one) and to look at Sorolla's work critically to point out why he is such a master. In particular to show how he solved the problem of poetry and music in his painting. (You've heard me talk about that a lot in my newsletters). It is also a great opportunity to look first hand at Sorolla's work if you have not seen it before.

Later in the day we will also plan to visit the Sorolla Museum, and see Sorolla's house and studio. It will be a fantastic opportunity to see the work of this great master and promises to be a great day!


I will be arriving the previous night, so if you plan to arrive then, we could perhaps arrange to meet in the evening before the visit. I will also be staying for the following few days too to spend some more time in the Prado and check out the Velasquez paintings for their brushwork, so if you are around then you are welcome to join me if I'm free.

I have booked the 9:00am entrance to give us the longest time in the exhibition before lunch. We will meet at 8:40am at the entrance to the museum.


The cost for the day will be euro 125 plus the entrance fee to the exhibition (about 10 euros). (Limited to 6 students).


I will be staying at the Hotel Lope de Vega. You can make your own arrangements here:
Tlf. 91 360 00 11. Fax. 91 429 23 91.
C. Lope de Vega 49.
28014 Madrid.

Contact me via the www.bjrgallery.com website for details if you would like to join me.


  1. Hi Barry,

    I would like to join your mini workshop on 3rd Sept, hope I am not too late and that you still have one place left!

    Best Regards,
    Margaret Barlow

  2. I will hold a place for you. You can contact me via www.bjrgallery.com